Financial and banking translation

Financial and banking translation

With globalisation, it has become essential to communicate in the language of your customers and potential investors. That’s why ITS Traductions offers to take charge of your financial and banking translation project.

Geneva, with its many banks and other financial institutions, is a hub of the financial sector. As a result, there is a great need for translation.

We offer financial and banking translations for our clients. We have a large network of specialised and experienced translators in the financial field, allowing us to guarantee a high quality translation. Often very technical, financial translations require an appropriate and precise vocabulary. Our translators translate only into their native language to ensure the best possible terminology.

Confidentiality being the watchword in our field, this will of course be respected, and no information about your documents will be disclosed outside our translation agency.

Here are some examples of translated documents from the financial and banking sectors:

  • Reports
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Shareholder meeting reports
  • Financial reports
  • Website for financial institutions
  • Financial statements and audit reports
  • Other documents (wealth management, hedge funds, financial markets, etc.)

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