Hotel and tourism translation

Hotel and tourism translation

Today, the travel, tourism and recreation industry is synonymous with economic growth and employment. This industry spans the globe and is based on multinational, international and cross-cultural communication.

Quality translation services are essential for both tourism and clients. The tourism industry has grown so much that it now offers a wide variety of products and services, requiring the translation of increasingly diversified documents, such as: magazines, newspapers, internet articles, online booking forms, online and offline marketing and advertising, visa information and requests, audio and video content, legal documents, journals, flight announcement media, newsletters, correspondence, event organisation…

The translator must have deeply integrated the culture and customs of the target language. They must also acquire a thorough understanding of the place or region they are promoting, as well as its history and distinctive cultural features.

The translator assumes responsibility for the final form of the text. In this sense, they not only provide a translation, but also offer a whole range of marketing services. Beyond simple translation, their task is to respect cultural differences, to take into account the economic reality of the target country, to master the semiotics, the iconography and to circumvent the syntactic limits of the source text to preserve its authenticity.

Here are some examples of translated documents from the tourism sector:

  • Brochures
  • Business brochures
  • Tourist guides
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Reports
  • Guided visits
  • News bulletins
  • Audio guides
  • Contracts, general terms and conditions

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