Legal and notary translation

Legal and notary translation

In the context of business globalisation, contractual relations are becoming increasingly important, and the growth of transnational agreements is leading to a real interweaving of legal systems. The need for high value legal translation continues to grow. Professional legal translation is a subtle practice, and more complex than most people realise. The legal translator must combine advanced knowledge of law, mastery in source and target languages, as well as editorial qualities required to translate the nuances of the source text.

To translate a contract from English into French, for example, involves passing from English law to French law, and consists in making the principles of the two systems coincide, though sometimes they are very far apart. Thus, the target text must be the equivalent of and not identical to the source text. This is especially true as each system has its own legal terminology.

A legal translator does not just translate, they research terminology and comparative law to ensure a translation in perfect harmony with its target. Our translation office chooses its translators with great care.

ITS Traductions is committed to respecting the ultimate confidentiality of these legal records. We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement upon customer request.

Here are some examples of legal translations:

  • Patents
  • Legal agreements
  • All kinds of contracts
  • Proxy letters
  • Wills
  • Divorce acts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Official documents
  • Litigation documents
  • Sworn and certified translations

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