Medical and scientific translation

Medical and scientific translation

The medical field, highly developed in Switzerland, plays a fundamental role. It is the number one exporting industry. This sector, thanks to its dynamism and constant development, increases the need for medical translation. A translation error can be fatal or have serious consequences. It is therefore essential to select only translators specialised in the medical field and that they be highly qualified.

The medical translator must have an excellent knowledge of the specialised vocabulary which they use and must ensure methodological rigour. This applies to all specialist translators, but a terminology error in medical translation can have serious implications for patients, professionals, or end-users of medical devices. Highly qualified, our medical translation experts allow us to offer specialised and precise translations for your most demanding requests. That’s why our medical translators include doctors, pharmacists or people from the medical sector. Our agency has been translating medical documents for 30 years and all our clients are very satisfied!

ITS Traductions is committed to respecting the ultimate confidentiality of these medical records. We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement upon customer request.

Here are some examples of translated documents from the medical sector:

  • Medical reports/files
  • Medical and scientific articles
  • Packaging inserts
  • Information for professionals and patients
  • Product specifications
  • Pharmaceutical brochures
  • Clinical studies
  • Protocols
  • Forms
  • Websites for pharmaceutical companies

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