Translation for International organisations and NGOs

Translation for International organisations and NGOs

International organisations frequently need translation because they work in a multilingual environment. Indeed, the requested translations are often urgent and in several languages. ITS Translations offers a high-quality translation service to meet the requirements of these organisations. The complexity of the texts and the precision of the terminology necessitates translators and interpreters who work for international organisations with real professional skills. Where the use of this or that term is the subject of long and tedious political negotiations between States, diligence is required. Indeed, a translation error can lead to a diplomatic incident, so the selection of translators and interpreters is particularly strict. To meet the demands of such organisations, we rely on an international network of highly qualified translators who work exclusively in their mother tongue.

Here are some examples of translations for international organisations:

  • Brochures
  • Conference reports
  • Contracts
  • Official documents
  • Research reports and studies
  • Internal communications

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