Official Translation

Official Translation

The official translation guarantees the legal validity of your documents

Since 1967, our translation agency based in Geneva is now a benchmark in this field. We translate in over 60 language combinations thanks to our team of experts.

To satisfy our professional and private customers, we surround ourselves with highly qualified translators. They each have at least 5 years of experience in their area of specialisation and hold university degrees. They translate into their native language to ensure optimum quality.

ITS Traductions is ISO 17100 certified (requirements for translation services). This standard contains provisions related to translation service providers regarding the management of fundamental processes, minimum qualification requirements, resource availability and management and other activities necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.

ITS Traductions works with customers in various sectors: lawyers, notaries, IT and financial companies, etc. We are in a position to prepare documents ranging from the commercial brochure to the official contract used to facilitate the conclusion of a commercial or legal agreement.

Geneva is an international hub. Its history has characterised the development of our family business. We would like to make it possible for any person who needs an official translation to find the translator here at ITS who can provide them with a work that is absolutely perfect and true to the original. A certified translation respects the substance and the form. Proficiency in a language is measured by the ability that translator displays in conveying the subtlety of a statement without departing from the spirit of its author.

Like all of our customers for more than 50 years, you can have faith in our team. Do not hesitate to test our abilities and push the language barrier with ITS.

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ITS Traductions fournit des devis gratuits et rapides afin de répondre aux demandes de ses clients.