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ITS Traductions, for quality of the written word!

The translation agency was founded in Geneva in 1967 by Mr Louis Kushner. At that time, several multinationals had just set up in Geneva and in French-speaking Switzerland and were trying to translate many documents from English into national languages and vice versa.

Since 1997, the translation office has been run by Mr Urs Blass and his team of real professionals, with extensive experience in all management areas. For customers in German-speaking Switzerland, we also have a branch in Zurich.

iso 17100

Our experience at your service

ITS Traductions adheres to the standard ISO 17100 (requirements relating to translation services). This standard contains provisions related to translation service providers concerning management of fundamental processes, minimum qualification requirements, availability and management of resources and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.

After more than 50 years of experience in translations, ITS Traductions has a large network of specialised translators in all sectors (medical, legal, financial, etc.). All our translators are duly assessed and selected with the utmost care. They translate only in their native language in order to guarantee an excellent quality of translation.

iso 17100


Our Geneva Translation Offices mission is to satisfy its customers by providing an optimal translation service. For this, we use translators who are specialised in each specific sector, and who have many years of experience. All our translators have graduated from a university or a translation school. We guarantee a very high quality of translation as well as the use of appropriate terminology. ITS Traductions builds a relationship of trust and respect with its customers in order to develop long-term collaboration. Of course, confidentiality is paramount in our field, so your projects will be treated with the utmost discretion.

urs blass

Urs Blass

Urs was born in Zürich and grew up in the region before moving to Geneva in his twenties. twenties. He studied business and marketing. Afterwards, Urs worked for companies such as Cargill and Givaudan for some fifteen years. After working his way up to positions of responsibility, it was only natural that responsibility, it was only natural that Urs should take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.

In 1997, he took over International Translation Services, now ITS Traductions Sàrl. The company had been founded in Geneva in 1967 by Mr. Kuschner.

michael blass

Michael Blass

Urs’s son Michael was born in Geneva, where he lived until he was 16, before moving to the United States for two years. He wanted to become a professional tennis player and so
training at an academy in Florida. He then returned to Geneva to continue continue his studies and then returned to England for two years to complete his MBA.

After his studies, he started work at MSC, in shipping. After a few years, Michael also wanted to try his hand at entrepreneurship, so he took over the family family business. In 2018, he joined his father in the management of ITS Traductions with his father.