Technical translation

Technical translation

Switzerland is at the forefront in terms of new technologies and innovations. It plays an important role in the world economy and is very competitive. The main reasons for this strength are business investment in research and development and the high level of collaboration between industry and universities. As a result, many multinationals have established themselves in Switzerland.

Technology, industry and engineering are fields in constant growth, and technical translations have become indispensable in all these areas. However, it is necessary to choose the right translators using advanced and suitable terminology in the different fields. These are areas where every term and every measurement is critically important, and any mistake could have serious consequences. ITS Traductions has an extensive network of specialised and experienced translators in technical fields such as mechanics, construction, chemistry, engineering, etc.

Here are some examples of translated documents from the technical sectors:

  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • User and installation manuals
  • Technical brochures
  • Product instructions
  • Training material
  • Regulatory documentation

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